About Jackson

Jackson Hill, passed away September 13, 2005 ending a nineteen month battle with osteosarcoma. Jackson was a valiant fighter, from the initial diagnosis when he was only ten years old, until finally succumbing to this insidious disease at twelve years of age. Jackson's battle was one of multiple treatments and surgeries. He faced rounds of chemotherapy, limb salvage surgery, lung metastases, leg amputation, two lung surgeries, and drug trials.

Jackson's family and friends have come together to form a foundation to ensure that his legacy of giving back continues. He inspires us through memories of how he approached his battle with cancer. Even when he had exhausted normal treatment protocol, he pressed on with drug research trials so that he could help others.

Jackson Hill Wellness Centers are located in Randall Children's Hospital (Portland, Oregon) and St. Louis Children's Hospital. Our centers provide around-the-clock respite from the stress of the hospital to families of patients. Features include cardio equipment; treadmill, elliptical trainer, and recumbent bike, hand weights, excercise videos, yoga and stretching equipment, plus nutrition information via this website.