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Welcome to the Jackson Hill Wellness Center's Core video area. When finished watching each video, click the "Next" button (below the video) to advance to the next one. Or, there is an index on the right side of the page if you would like to skip ahead to a specific exercise. Core and Strength Videos by Juli Koenegstein Stults.

Core: Ab Rollout

Core: Abs Ball Pass

Core: Abs Crunches

Core: Abs Jackknife

Exercise Ball Videos: Abs Situps

Core: Abs Table Top

Core: 360 degree plank

Core: Scissors

Core: Side Plank with dips

Core: Side Plank with through arms

Core: Sit ups

The first Jackson Hill Wellness Center is located in the Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel in Portland, Oregon. Our center provides around-the-clock respite from the stress of the hospital to the families of patients. Features include cardio equipment, light weights, instructional excercise videos , yoga and stretching equipment, plus nutrition information via this website.